Yekiti: KRG, Baghdad must internationalize Turkish attacks

A member of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti) and a party official in Serekaniya called on the governments of Başûr and Baghdad to internationalize the Turkish attacks on the territory of Başûr.

The Turkish occupation attacks on areas of Başûr (south of Kurdistan), recently, targeting unarmed civilians escalated amid silence by the government of Başûr, the Iraqi government and the international community, causing resentment of the people of the region and the Kurdish people in all parts of Kurdistan.

In this context, ANHA met with a member of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti) and the party's leader in the region of Serekaniya Idriss Esso, to highlight the Turkish attacks and its objectives.

Esso pointed out at the beginning of his speech, that "the Turkish occupation has many goals of these attacks, the most important breaking the will of the peoples of the region and gains achieved thanks to the martyrs in Başûr Kurdistan, in conjunction with the targeting of the Kurdish presence and ambitions anywhere, and the recent achievements in the areas of North And eastern Syria. "

Esso noted that "the Turkish occupation is also aimed at implementing the so-called Milli Charter, through the statement of an official of the government of the Justice and Development Party, that several areas of the Syrian north, such as the province of Aleppo and al-Raqqa including areas of al-Jazeera region to the province of Mosul in Iraq are Turkish lands."

Esso condemned the silence of the governments of Başûr and Iraq regarding the Turkish aggression on the region.

The areas under Turkish attack are within the borders of the Federal State of Iraq.

"Turkey is suffering a large and ongoing economic crisis, and in doing so, the Turkish state is trying to send its internal problems abroad by targeting the Kurdish people." He added.

He called on the government of Başûr and the central government of Baghdad to respond to attacks by all means, militarily, politically and diplomatically, "The least is to file a complaint to the international community and the UN Security Council about these attacks."



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