Yazidis Union demands to verify Ocalan's safety

The Yazidis Union  in Afrin called on the United Nations, human rights organizations, and the European Committee of anti-Torture to pressure the Turkish government to allow the lawyers of Ocalan to visit him and ensure his safety, noting their association with his idea and his philosophy of freedom. 

On February 27, a fire broke out in the forest of the Island of Imrali where the Turkish state is holding the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan, and provoked angry reactions among the Kurdish people who considered the fire a direct threat to the safety of Ocalan.

In Afrin canton, dozens of members of Yazidis Union and the civil institutions in Afrin canton gathered carrying pictures of Ocalan and the union's flags.

During the gathering, a statement was read on behalf of the Yazidis Union, in Arabic and Kurdish by the two members Orivan Manan and Asaad Marko.

The statement said: "The international conspiracy that began on October 9, 1989 against the international leader, Mr. Abdullah Ocalan, which ended entirely on February 15, 1999, involved states, intelligence agencies, diplomats, and international organizations with the Turkish state, and aimed at striking at the idea of the Kurdish emancipation through the figure of the leader who woke the Kurdish people from the slumber of death imposed by Turkish colonialism since the collapse of the Revolution of Dersm in 1937 and the execution of its leaders like Sayyid Reda."

The statement added: "Since capturing the leader APO, the Turkish state imposes on him a severe and systematic isolation in order to prevent the arrival of any instructions or news from the leader. It realizes how much the people are linked to their leader."

The statement continued: "The Turkish state is suffering from internal and external crises, and in order to save itself from these crises, it resorts to playing with the many cards that it believes will save it, and from those papers, the refugee paper that blackmails Europe."

The statement continued: "But the Europeans are beginning to realize that the refugees that Turkey will send are terrorist and militant groups, so Europe has closed its doors. The most dangerous and important card of blackmailing by the government of Justice and Development is the captive leader Ocalan. It is trying to tickle the feelings of the Turks that it is working on stifling the voice of the Kurdish people by intensifying isolation on their leader. The latest attempt by this government is to create a fire that broke out on February 27th on the island of Imrali to distract the Turks from the economic crisis."

The statement said: "We in the Yazidis Union declare our association with the thought of the leader Ocalan."

At the end of its statement, the Yazidis called on the United Nations, human rights organizations and the European Committee of anti-Torture to pressure the Turkish government to allow his lawyers to visit him as soon as possible and ensure his safety."



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