Yazidis of Afrin celebrate Ocalan's birth

The Yezidis Union in Afrin canton organized a celebration for the people in conjunction with the birthday of the Kurdish leader Abdullah, at their headquarters in Serdem camp in al-Shahba canton.

In conjunction with the anniversary of the birth of the Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Ocalan, the Union of Yezidis in Afrin organized a celebration in the Serdem camp in which dozens of people participated.

The tents that were prepared for the celebration were decorated with photographs of Ocalan and the martyrs of the Resistance of the Age and the media of the Yezidis Union of Afrin canton

The ceremony began with delivering a speech by the administrative in the Union of Yezidis Aisha Seydou, who congratulated the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan and all the people eager for freedom on this occasion.

Aisha Seydou said in her talk that the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan brought the Yazidi people to the light of freedom, and by adhering to his approach, the Yezidis managed to defend their existence.



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