Yazidis: Hawler, Baghdad agreement does not serve Yazidi will

Yazidis in occupied Afrin canton have rejected the agreement that concluded between Hawler and Iraqi government about Şengal, stressing that the agreement does not serve the will of the Yazidis.

Asaad Marco, a resident of Afrin and now residing in al-Ahdath district, said: “We remember on August 3, 2014 the ISIS terrorist attack on the people of   Şengal, how the Peshmerga and the Iraqi army fled, how massacres were committed against children and women, and the remaining people fled to the Şengal Mountains.”

Marco continued: "After opening humanitarian crossings to save the Yazidis and declaring an autonomous administration in Şengal province, which was liberated by Şengal Resistance Units, Hawler and Baghdad are seeking to control on Şengal province."

Marco concluded his speech: "We, the Yezidis of Afrin, categorically reject this agreement."

As for Hamid Ezz al-Din, a resident of the village of Sinka and a resident of al-Shahba canton, he considered "the agreement concluded between the governments of Baghdad and southern Kurdistan as another decree because this agreement does not represent the will of the Yazidi people in Şengal."

And Mustafa Darwish, from the village of Qastal Jundo and residing in al-Shahba canton, addressed the governments of Baghdad and Hawler, saying: “Where were you when the massacres were committed against children, the elderly and the women of Şengal? Where were you when the Yazidi girls had been enslaved, and now you sign agreements Şengal, and you are the ones who left and fled. "



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