Yazidi Youth: We to break occupation wall

The Yazidi House in Aleppo condemned the practices of the Turkish occupation against the civilians and the construction of the partition wall in Afrin. They called on international and human rights organizations to stop their silence.

In protest against the practices of the Turkish occupier and the construction of the partition wall in the vicinity of Afrin, the Yazidi House youth in the Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood of Aleppo today issued a statement to the public. With the participation of dozens of young people.

The statement was read in front of the Yezidi House by the administrative Jilan Mesto.The text of the statement said:

"Turkey is working to restore the glory of the Ottoman Empire. The occupation of Iskenderun was the beginning of its plan, and so far it has been implemented. It occupied Jrablos, Bab, Izzaz, Afrin and Idlib. It works to issue Turkish identity cards to all citizens, change the demographics of the region and teach Turkish in schools.

Afrin was a safe haven for hundreds of thousands fleeing from war. It provided the whole world with a model of autonomus administration based on the peoples fraternaty and co-existence on the democratic nation's approach, but Turkey did not accept it and began to fight these administrations by relying on mercenaries, extremists.

Not only that, but the brutal occupation, relying on the armed factions that practiced inhumane violations against unarmed civilians from killing, looting, raping and destroying archaeological sites, Yazidic shrines and even tombs and trees, did not escape the evil of the occupation. The last one was the burning of trees and the construction of the partition wall in Afrin.

As the youth of the Yazidi House in Aleppo, we condemn all the inhuman crimes committed by the Turkish government against unarmed civilians. We also condemn the international silence and call on all international and human rights organizations to stop this silence towards violations and injustice against the people.

We also promise our martyrs that we will resist until the liberation of every inch of our territory from the Turkish occupation and mercenaries and we will break this wall with our strong will, and will return Afrin ."

The statement, ended with slogans saluting the resistance of the people of Afrin.


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