Yazidi House: Turkish state’s practices are continuation of ISIS’ scenario

The Yazidi House in Al-Jazeera region noted that what the Turkish state is doing is a continuation of ISIS’ scenario, and that what ISIS has not achieved by eliminating the Yazidis, Erdogan wants to achieve by targeting the figures and leaders of the Yazidi community, holding the central Iraqi government responsible for these attacks.

The Yazidi House in Al-Jazeera region issued a written statement to the public opinion, on the Turkish occupation's attack on the village of Dukri of Sununi district in Şengal, using reconnaissance planes, which led to the martyrdom of 4 fighters from Şengal Protection Units.

The text of the statement read:

"The Turkish state continues to commit criminal acts against the various peoples of the region, starting from the massacres of Seyfo and Dêrsim to what it did to the Kurdish people in Bakur Kurdistan since the eighties of the last century, taking into consideration the genocides committed against the Yezidi community, the last of which was Şengal genocide in 3 August 2014, at the hands of the ISIS terrorist organization, and Erdogan represents the supreme leader of this organization, and seeks to repeat the filth of his Turanian ancestors against the Yazidis and the peoples of the region.

In the early days of the genocide, small groups of the YPG that saturated the thought and philosophy of freedom from the school of the internationalist leader Abdullah Ocalan, made their bodies as shields to stop the last genocide, save thousands of Sengal people, and gave their lives for that.

They contributed to the liberation of the Yezidi kidnaped during the campaigns that destroyed the terrorist organization in its strongholds.

The sons and daughters of Şengal established Yazidkhan Protection Units to protect the land and honor.

The Turkish state is repeating ISIS scenario, and as ISIS failed to eliminate the Yezidis, Erdogan wants to achieve it by targeting the figures and leaders of the Yazidi community, as in August 15, it targeted in a cowardly operation, Mam Zaki Sengali, as he was returning from the fourth anniversary of the Kogo massacre.

Erdogan and his mercenaries were not satisfied with their inhumane practices in Afrin, Serekaniye, and Girê Spi.

Today, Erdogan adds another episode to his criminal series by targeting the leader of Şengal Resistance Units, Zardasht Şengali, with drones, which led to his martyrdom with three of his comrades.

The Yazidi House in Al-Jazeera region condemns and denounces these acts and crimes against our Kurdish people, and we hold the central Iraqi government accountable, because the Turkish state violates the atmosphere and sovereignty of the Iraqi state, and the fact that the leader Zaradasht Şengali and his forces raise the Iraqi flag, and this makes them legally responsible for protecting these forces from external attacks.

We call on all concerned institutions in Iraq and the world to intervene to stop Turkey from penetrating the borders of neighboring countries, and to attack their safe and peaceful people, especially those who liberated and protected their people from terrorism. "



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