Yazidi House receives 2 women, 2 children from SDF

The Syrian Democratic Forces handed over two Yazidi women with two children to the Yazidi House in al-Jazeera region, to hand over them to their relatives in Shengal.


The Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF) continue their operations to free more civilians, including dozens of Yazidis and children were abducted during the mercenaries attack, on 3 August 2014.

The Syrian Democratic Forces today handed over Barfi Khalaf Feraho with her two children Jan, Jeger and Jihan Khalaf Qasim, who were released yesterday to the Yazidi House in al-Jazeera Region.

According to the head of the Yazidi office in the north and east of Syria, Jubair Sheikh Hatu, the liberated persons will be provided with medical supplies and subjected to medical examinations.

It is noteworthy, since its launch of its campaign against mercenaries, SDF have freed hundreds of Yazidi women were abducted from Shengal, while the Yazidi House has returned them to their families.



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