Yazidi House handed over 21 Yazidi persons to Shengal Council

The Yazidi House in al-Jazeera region handed over 21 persons of Shengal people who were liberated by SDF from IS gripe in al-Bagouz village to the Council of the Autonomous Administration in Shengal.


The Syrian Democratic Council(SDF) liberated more than 30 women and dozens of the Yazidi children who were abducted by IS mercenaries from Shengal in May 3-2014.

With the liberation of the Yazidis, SDF handed over them to the Yazidi House Council in al-Jazeera region, which worked to communicate with the Autonomous Administration in Shengal  to ensure their return to their families.

In this regard, the Yazidi House Council today, in the presence of commanders of the Syrian Democratic Forces, handed over 3 women and 18 children to the Shengal Council.

In the meantime, a member of the Shengal Council, Hana Yazid, made a statement in which she referred to their continued contact with the Yazidi House to return the abductees.

SDF continue to free more civilians from al-Bagouz, including dozens of women and children.



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