YAT arrest ISIS prince in charge of assassinations

The Counterterrorism Units of the Syrian Democratic Forces arrested the person responsible for the assassination operations of ISIS mercenaries and the targeting of the leaders of the SDF.

Hawar News Agency has obtained exclusive photos and videos of the operation that the SDF Counterterrorism Units "YAT" conducted in the countryside of Al-Hasakah last night.

The operation resulted in the arrest of a prince of ISIS mercenaries, named (A.J.) at 40.

During their operation, the Counterterrorism Units of the Syrian Democratic Forces seized a Kalashnikov weapon, several mobile phones, in addition to several memory cards and flash drives containing photos of the leader of ISIS mercenaries, as well as documents and evidence proving his communication with them, which he was in possession of.

Tolhildan Rojava, a member of the Counterterrorism Units, told our agency that the prince of ISIS mercenaries called (A,J) is tasked with carrying out assassinations in the region and targeting leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and planting explosive devices on public roads in the region.



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