Wrath of Olive claims responsibility for al-Bab bombing, confirms 3 mercenaries killed

The Wrath of Olive Operations Room claimed responsibility for the explosion of the motorcycle in the occupied city of al-Bab, and said that it was part of retaliatory operations against those whose hands were stained with the blood of the defenseless people.


Hours ago, an explosion took place in the occupied city of al-Bab, by motorbike near the square of Marato, the Wrath of Olive Operations Room released a statement and claimed responsibility for the explosion, which targeted a military patrol of mercenaries of the Turkish occupation.

In the statement, the Wrath of Olive Operations Room confirmed the killing of 3 mercenaries and wounding two others.

The text of the statement is:

"In retaliation for our forces and our belief and against all those who have stained their hands with the blood of our defenseless people and the desecration of our pure land, we are escalating our operations throughout the Syrian north until we liberate our land from terrorist groups and the Turkish occupation army."

In addition, one of our groups detonated a motorbike in al-Bab city during the passage of a military patrol on 14/3/2019. Three Turkish mercenaries were killed in the operation and two others were injured. "The number is increasing and we will tell you that there has been a change in the number of killed."

"We commit to our pledge to escalate our operations in our occupied land from the thieves and mercenaries associated with the Turkish occupation until they are driven out of our land and to ensure a dignified return of our resisting people."

Wrath of Olive Operations Room


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