Wounded: Victory over Daesh is great, our struggle will go on

The Syrian Democratic Forces' (SDF) fighters who were injured in different battles against Daesh have congratulated SDF's victory over Daesh to all the Syrian people, stressing that their struggle will continue.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have achieved a great victory over Daesh after the liberation IS' last pocket in al-Baguz village east of Syria.

The Syrian Democratic Forces indicated in the victory's statement that more than 11,000 fighters were martyred in the battles and 21,000 got wounded. SDF's fighters who lost parts of their body in the battles against Daesh expressed their opinion of SDF's victory.

The fighter Ali al-Abdullah who lost his leg during the battles in the liberation of Manbij has congratulated the Syrian people and praised the Syrian Democratic Forces' sacrifices to eliminate Daesh.

And he added, "This victory has been achieved by virtue of the efforts of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) who fought against the most powerful terrorist gangs in the world. We will continue our struggle against Daesh. Today, the victory is achieved and this victory is an achievement of all the fighters who fought and repelled Daesh."

For his part, the fighter Jassem Mohammed who was shot during his campaign to liberate al-Tabqa city from Daesh said: "It was a pride and honor for us to eradicate Daesh from al-Baguz city, we had begun campaigns to eradicate Daesh and our comrades completed our path and achieved victory and this is a pride for us."

The fighter Mohammed al-Jader said: "We are the owners of the land and we have the right to defend it and preserve the achievements of the martyrs. The victory in al-Baguz village is a great achievement to be followed, this day is considered a historic day and will remain present in the memory of generations."

Al-Jader pointed out that Daesh ended militarily, "but still has dormant cells moving in Syria and carrying out terrorist operations, and we must join hands to fight and eliminate Daesh in full."



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