Wounded of Turkish occupation shelling are stable condition  

The director of the National Hospital in the city of Raqqa stated that the health status of the injured of the Turkish occupation army’s bombing of Ain Issa district, north of Raqqa, is stable, after a series of surgeries.

On Wednesday morning, the Turkish occupation targeted, with artillery, the village of Al-Jadida, 2 km west of Ain Issa district, wounding 3 citizens, two of whom were transferred to Al-Raqqa National Hospital.

ANHA ‘s agency obtained the names of the injured citizens, who are: Muhammad Fawaz Al-Waqqa' (18 years old), his brother Mahmoud Fawaz Al-Waqqa' (17 years old), and Muhammad Salem Kamal (26 years old).

Regarding the situation of the injured, the director of the National Hospital, Ibrahim al-Omar, told our agency, "Two citizens arrived today at 12 noon, their condition was critical as a result of shrapnel injuries, and operations were performed for them to extract the shrapnel, while the third injured person remained in Ain Issa Hospital and his condition is stable."

Ibrahim al-Omar explained, "The two citizens suffered injuries to the abdomen and they had some fractures. After the surgical operation, the bleeding was stopped, and now their condition is stable and in good condition."

T/ Satt.


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