World's women demonstrated in squares in international day to combat violence

Several international cities and capitals witnessed a series of events and women's marches in conjunction with the International Day against Violence against Women.

In conjunction with the International Day against Violence against Women, thousands of women around the world took to the streets to demand equality and freedom.

The women condemned Turkish occupation state's attacks against the areas of NE, Syria, and women raised pictures of the Secretary-General of the Future Syria party Hevrin Khalaf, who was killed by Turkish occupation army's mercenaries.

The marches and demonstrations included many countries and world capitals such as Chile, Ecuador, Cyprus, Switzerland, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Russia, Tunisia, Egypt, France, Italy, Britain, Germany, Spain, Greece, and Ireland.

The marches and events this year have been dominated by support for the struggle of women in NE, Syria, in addition to the support of Women Protection Units YPJ. Women also deplored abuses and violence against women in areas occupied by the Turkish state and its mercenaries.



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