​​​​​​​Women's rejection of the femicide of the young woman

Women from Qamishlo canton called on human rights organizations and the Social Justice Council to hold the killers of the young woman, Noura Ibrahim, accountable, and to impose the harshest penalties against them.

The young woman (Noura Suleiman Ibrahim), born on January 1, 2004, and mother of a 3-year-old girl, was killed by the man she married to called (Waddah Ahmed Ibrahim), who is from Tel Hamis district, on April 24, according to what she reported. Sara organization to combat violence against women.

This crime aroused the ire of women and women's organizations in Qamishlo canton, and they called for her killer to be held accountable and the harshest penalties to be imposed against them.


In her turn, Jalila Khalil from Amouda district called on human rights organizations and the Social Justice Council to open an immediate investigation into the crime and hold the killer and everyone involved in the crime accountable, stressing the necessity of imposing the harshest penalties against him amid her denunciation of this heinous crime.

She described the killings of women as cowardly crimes and has nothing to do with humanity, stressing that women are "the source of life, the maker of the future, and the source of life." She expressed her total rejection of the crimes committed against women, saying: "Every crime committed against her is a violation of the rights of all women."


For her part, Shahnaz Ibrahim condemned the murder of the young woman, Noura, and confirmed that the marriage of minors is a crime against women, as she is still a child and has children, and most of the time she is subjected to violence by the one she married to, sometimes she is killed and at other times her rights are violated, indicating that the victim she was married while still a minor.

To combat these crimes, Shahnaz called on the community and families to be aware enough, and not to marry off their daughters and sons at a young age, because of its negative effects on their health as individuals and the disruption of community ties.

In a strict tone, Shahnaz asserted, "No one has the right to take the life of a woman. Our reaction will be strict in front of these crimes, and we will stand against all violations committed against us."


At a time when Noura Kilo denounced the murder of the young woman, Noura, a mother of one child, she stressed the need for all women to unite and form a deterrent force to prevent the commission of these crimes against women and to preserve and protect their rights.

Noura called for the harshest punishments for the killers, stressing that it is a crime against humanity that is not accepted by religion or moral values, and considered that the death penalty against the killer is "the punishment he deserves."

It also called on women's organizations to intensify their struggle to confront and eliminate these crimes.

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