Women's Protection Units: We will liberate Afrin by spirit of Newroz

The General Command of the Women's Protection Units (YPJ) issued a statement on the first anniversary of the occupation of the city of Afrin, saying that the people of Afrin have spent a whole year resisting the occupation and that they will not stop the resistance until they liberate every inch of their occupied land.


The text of the statement:

The Resistance of the Age was written in the history of the Syrian people by virtue of the sacrifices made by free bodies and hearts full of love, by virtue of the sacrifices of those who had positions of resistance and a guerrilla spirit, one year has passed on the heroic resistance that was watered by martyrs' bloods, this resistance was great resistance and the people of this land have pledged to avenge their people in the spirit of Newroz and the flame of Kawa al-Hadad.

A year has passed since the resistance of Afrin, and the Turkish state, in cooperation with other international forces, has sought to re-apply the scenario of genocide and demographic change. This was an extensive conspiracy aimed at thwarting the revolution of the Syrian people. But in the face of this plot, our people in Afrin and all the people of the north of Syria showed a firm stance towards the attacks and took a place on the front lines in the face of the occupation. And to this day. The Turkish state not only opposes the Kurdish people but opposes all the peoples of the region, so the only way to stand in front of the Turkish mind and its Ottoman dreams is the cohesion of peoples according to the democratic nation's principles

The attacks of the occupation could not eliminate the will of the people of Afrin and its fighters, although Afrin is now occupied geographically by savage mercenaries supported by the Turkish state. The people of Afrin took a strong ground for themselves, which are derived from great faith and anger and showed great resistance in the face of the occupation. Today, our people continue with the same hope and spirit to resist them in al-Shahba despite the many difficulties and the resistance people did not step back.

We, as Women's Protection Units (YPJ), affirm that we derive our strength from our martyrs and our people who are the source of our morale. Our martyrs, such as Avesta, Karker, Barîn, Amargî, Rosyar, Tekoşîn Botan, Zîlan Efrîn, Avşîn, Rohenda, Bêrîtan, Jîn, Viyan Kobanê, Cudî, Deniz, Hêlîn Qereçox, Polat and Îlanan Through their guerrilla spirit and their close attachment to their land, they proved that the path of victory is through struggle and struggle by offering great sacrifices. We, in the name of these martyrs, remember all Resistance of the Age's martyrs and we affirm our efforts to avenge them and the answer to our martyrs and our people will be the liberation of Afrin.



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