Women's liberation achieved thanks to martyrs' sacrifices 

The women of Ain Issa said that women's liberation in the north and east of Syria is thanks  to the sacrifices of the martyrs. The teachers of Al-Hasakah congratulated the International Women's Day on all women and stressed that they will escalate the struggle to make all the days of the year a day for women.


The member of Martyrs Families Foundation in Ain Isa Suzan Abboud said, "We are in Ain Issa today celebrating the International Women's Day because women in the past years have proved themselves in all fields through the sacrifices made by women and their constant struggle for the homeland.

"The women represent all of society, congratulating all women of the world, on the occasion of the International Women's Day," said Dabia Al-Nasser, a member of the Syrian Democratic Council(MSD) of Relations.

In turn, Internal Security member Awaz Kobanî pointed out that these great achievements and sacrifices made with the blood of the martyrs liberated women and made them effective in all fields, especially military, where they were exclusive to men, and women had the honor to defend their land and peoples.


The teachers of the city of Al-Hasakah also congratulated the International Women's Day on all women and confirming that all the days of the year will be a celebration for women.

"International Women's Day was the result of the struggle of women over many years, and we, in turn, will continue this struggle until we achieve freedom," said the teacher Reem Ali.

"This year we are celebrating our day and the elimination of mercenaries who have aimed to marginalize women," said the teacher Berîvan.

 "We will make all the days of the year days for the freedom of women after the mercenaries were eliminated by SDF," said the teacher Almazah Khalil.



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