Women's Council in North and East Syria holds Turkey responsible for crimes in occupied areas

The Women's Council in North and East Syria issued a statement to public opinion, in which it held Turkey responsible for the crimes taking place in the occupied territories.

This came as a response to the statement of the independent international investigation committee on Syrian affairs, a detailed report that it submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Council on the fourteenth of September, which included an explicit accusation documented with evidence of the so-called (Syrian National Army) factions supported by Turkey, which It occupies some areas of Syria, including (Afrin - Serêkaniyê - Girê Sp).

In its statement, the council said that the report provided documentation of systematic crimes and violations carried out by the Syrian National Army, which amount to war crimes such as murder, torture, kidnapping, rape, forced displacement, looting and looting of property and the annihilation of the cultural and cultural monuments of the components of these original areas and the destruction of places of worship and public life facilities, which is a precedent. It deserves attention towards documenting cases of violence, killings, and atrocious practices committed in those areas, and in Syria in general.

The report devoted an important area to the crimes committed against Kurdish and Yazidi women by these factions, including detention at unknown places, torture in detention centers, kidnapping of women in exchange for money, and assault on minor women. The report also described the state of fear and panic that Kurdish women live in light of the systematic terrorism they spread. These factions are supported by Turkey.

The report also documented the arrest of (49) Kurdish women from Afrin and Serekaniye. The investigation committee is following up the matter to reach the truth.

The crimes committed against women in the areas occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries indicate the systematic targeting of women in general and Kurdish women in particular in order to break their will and eliminate their struggle for more than ten years, this struggle that has crowned many of the gains and achievements made on the ground because these achievements are the right of all women in all parts of the world.

We are in the Women’s Council in North and East Syria, as we highly value the international efforts exerted to expose the crimes of Turkey and the factions associated with it. We look forward to holding Turkey directly responsible for these crimes and confirming that these violations are under the direction of the Turkish occupation state, whose attempts to change the demographic of the Kurdish regions have become clearly visible and confirmed by the expulsion of the Kurdish population and the settlement of families of mercenary factions in their homes and lands, and this is another crime that is added to the record of its systematic crimes.

Accordingly, we demand the international community with all its bodies and institutions concerned with holding the perpetrators of these crimes accountable and bringing them to international courts to receive a penalty for their crimes, and we also demand the international community to pressure the Turkish occupation state to withdraw from the Syrian territories it occupies in flagrant violation of international legitimacy and without any justification and to return the displaced residents of these areas in the displacement camps to their homes and lands from which they were forcibly displaced, which will contribute to stopping the Syrian bloodshed that has continued for years and which has produced, and still is, tragedies and disasters that the Syrian people have suffered from with all its components and spectra.



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