Women's Council in al-Soor saluted Leyla Guven's victory

The Women's Council in al-Soor said in a statement that the victory of Leyla Guven and her comrades is a victory for the peoples in general and for peace and humanity.

The Women's Council in issued a statement congratulating the victory of the resistance of Leyla Guven and her comrades after they ended their hunger strike.

 Dozens of women working in institutions, councils participated in the statement of the Women's Council in al-Soor, and praised the role of women.

The statement was read by the administrative of the Women's Council Maradi Ahmed, where the statement congratulated the victory of the resistance of Leyla Guven and her fellow hunger strikers.

The statement noted that Leyla Guven and through her steadfastness proved the free will of women, and established the foundations of the age of women.

"Today, women have made great achievements, organized themselves and surprised the whole world by deterring the most dangerous organization that was threatening the world," the statement said.

The statement ended with slogans saluting the free will of women.



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