Women's Coordinators' plans and work are evaluated  in north of Syria  

Women's Coordinator in northern and eastern Syria held its first annual meeting to evaluate its work during a year and develop future plans and projects for women during the current year

The meeting was attended by the joint presidencies of all the Autonomous Administration bodies and offices, as well as the  co-heads  of the seven Autonomous Administration, representatives of Kongra Star, the Head of the Executive Body in  Syria Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, and her deputy, Nojin Yusif.

The meeting started with a  silence minute followed by reading the terms of the meeting by the Co-Head of the Executive Council of the North and East Administration of Syria, Berevan Khaled. It  included an evaluation of women's work during a year and a review of the most prominent achievements  and presentation of problems to avoid them in the future, in addition to developing plans and projects to be implemented during the current year.

The present people have assessed the status of women over the past year and the difficulties that faced women in general in all areas of northern Syria, especially at this stage in the northern Syrian regions under the Turkish occupation and the violations and inhumane practices against women , as they have won the largest share in the region and all these things have had an impact on women as well as the male mentality, which is their intolerance in the management of society.

Women pointed out that women have become pioneers in the majority of institutions and proven their worth in the north of Syria, both militarily and in their participation in fighting on the front lines in the face of Turkish or political aggression in terms of their participation in international and administrative conferences, i.e. they have proved their status as required, it has shown its will and commitment that it is able to prove its worth and activity in any work and on the basis of these difficulties must find appropriate solutions to remedy them and overcome them and be empowered to work properly and correctly.

Women added that during 2019, some difficulties faced women and  were a reason for not completing economic projects in the northern Syrian regions, including the  instability period in the region and the continued displacement.

 At the end of the meeting , many projects were approved related to the women"

In addition to opening a special health center for women for early detection of breast cancer.

Opening of special academies for women administrative rehabilitation in northern and eastern Syria so that women can manage administrative work with the right experience  and they  have been approved

A series of meetings held  with all women in northeastern Syria to gain a sense of responsibility , give them strong motivation, morale and ability in a serious and positive way and how to work within institutions, in addition to establishing a coordination mechanism with women's organizations abroad and women's coordinators within Syria and finding solutions and drafting  women's work.

Based on all the projects approved by the executive bodies of the Executive Branch of Women, these projects were approved and eight female administrators were nominated in the north of Syria in order to implement the plans that have been drawn up.



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