Women's Administration conference in al-Raqqa continues with speeches, discussions

The Women's Administration first conference in al-Raqqa continues with delivering speeches by the participants, who have focused on the leading role women play in the revolution of northern and eastern Syria, stressing the need to organize women better to manage themselves and society through all social, political and military institutions.

The first conference of the Women's Administration in al-Raqqa was opened today in Taj Hall with the participation of hundreds of women from al-Raqqa and its villages and members and representatives of women's organizations from the north and east of Syria.

 During the conference, many speeches were delivered, including the speech of the head of the Women's Council in northern and eastern Syria, Jihan Khadro, in which she congratulated all women on the first conference. "We congratulate the first conference in the city of al-Raqqa, the city where women were bought as slaves, thanks to you, today it has been transformed from darkness into the city of freedom and humanity. "

Jihan Khadro stressed that women in the north and east of Syria have demonstrated their ability to manage themselves and society through their participation in all political, social and military fields and have become an example in the world.

"We have a lot of challenges today," Khadro said. "Ending Daesh geographically does not mean eliminating its ideology and its danger to society in general and women in particular, so we must confront these challenges by organizing women and activating their role in all fields of life."

Co-chair of al-Raqqa Civil Council Laila Mustafa noted, "The woman is the soul and the spirit of life and the incubator of the eternal human message, the struggler, the fighter, the rebel, the guardian of the dream and the guarantor of the free revolution of women."

"Women today enter the political arena and establish a new era, and take real democratic construction as a goal towards change to create a pluralistic, decentralized nation under the roof of democracy, which preserves the rights of all components."

In her speech, Laila Mustafa stressed the importance of focusing on the development and training of women, ensuring their participation in all fields and making them capable of defending themselves to be the owners of power and decision.

After the completion of the words, a television show about the work of the Women's Administration and its achievements in al-Raqqa achieved within a year was presented, and then reading the draft rules of procedure by Khawla Hussein, and the discussion began on its clauses.

The proceedings of the conference are continuing with discussions on the rules of procedure. It is planned to elect women's administration and come out with decisions at the end of the conference.


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