Women of the Euphrates region discuss women's laws, proposals to amend laws

The Women of the Euphrates region discussed many of the provisions of women's laws relating to issues of marriage and the family and many amendments to the laws are to be made, this was discussed during a meeting.

To make changes to women's laws, a meeting was held at the Kongra Star Center in Kobani, attended by representatives of city institutions, Democratic Autonomous Administration, members of political parties, the administration of social justice councils and the head of the Women's Body in the Euphrates region.

At the beginning of the meeting, the articles of the women's laws were read for the attendees, which consisted of 37 articles by the head of the Women's Committee in the Euphrates region, Fernaz Berkl, in Arabic and Kurdish.

During the meeting, many issues have been discussed including the elements of the marriage contract, consent and Eligibility and witnesses, differentiation and the effects of discrimination, custody, crimes affecting the family and the marriage of girl without her consent, polygamy, adultery, marriage of minors, marriage of blood and compensation, exchanged marriage(a family asks for bride's hand in exchange for marrying their daughter, too ), the dissolution of marital movables, registration of marriage contract.

After several hours of discussions, the attendees proposed several proposals to amend several laws to protect women and protect their rights.

Final decisions to amend women's laws are to be made after they have been discussed.


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