Women Body in AA invites women to work to liberate themselves from slavery

Women's Body in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria called on all women to work for the cause of women's liberation, and also called on all women's movements and organizations to stand together against the Turkish occupation's crimes against Syrian women.

The statement of the Women's Body in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria came on the occasion of November 25, the International Day against Violence.

The text of the statement:

Amid extremely complex circumstances full of different forms of violence against women, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women comes to us again as an occasion in which we raise our voice in the face of this violence, which comes primarily from the male mentality resulting from tyranny in its various forms, as we renew in Today, we rejected any violent exercise against women, everywhere and at all times.

On the basis of our conviction that (the freedom of women is the basis of the freedom of society) we believe that this growing violence against women is nothing but a warning bell for the danger threatening all societies, despite the major developments that the world has witnessed in issues of combating violence against women and the legalization of their rights and their inclusion in laws However, constitutions are still suffering from renewed forms of this violence, whether physical or psychological. Women are still being killed, raped, and all their rights are violated in the tyrannical hegemony of the usurper regimes, as well as the widespread male mentality rooted in most of our societies, and the corona pandemic and the ban imposed due to it in most of our societies the countries of the world have an opportunity to discover the extent of this violence and its manifestation in the public beyond perceptions, because the woman was the most affected by this epidemic, because it exposed the nakedness of male violence against her, and many had only the opportunity to commit suicide, flee from home, or die at the hands of her executioner who was stuck in his violent mindset in this house.

There is no doubt that the rate of violence against women increases during wars and conflicts. During the ongoing war in Syria in general and its northeast in particular, women were exposed to all kinds of violence at the hands of the conflicting forces, especially the Turkish state, which tried by various means to undermine the woman’s will and undermine her freedom Through mutilation of her body, her kidnapping and killing by the ugliest and immoral means and methods, all these crimes committed by the Turkish state in addition to the crimes of ISIS, Jabhet al- Nusra and others who tried to undermine women's rights push us to stand together against the violations practiced against her by the Turkish regime, its loyal states and extremist groups Hired by it.

In conclusion, we can only ask women everywhere to raise their voices in resistance and struggle until they obtain all their rights at all levels, and be free from all restrictions that some try to tie them to, and to demand equality and obtain their rights approved by international and human laws and norms.



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