Witnesses recount brutality of mercenaries' practices

The brutality of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries reached the point of insulting humanity, the last of these practices was the uprooting of the fingernails of a woman from Afrin called (AM).

Increasingly, the number of families coming out of Afrin to the city of Aleppo and Al-Shahba canton as a result of the violations committed by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries has increased from the abduction, killing, looting, and ransom demand, not to mention the hundreds of mercenary families being forcibly resettled in the houses of Afrin.

A week ago, a family from the Afrin canton, consisting of four individuals, arrived at the Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood, after paying 300 thousand lire. In return, the commune of Martyr Rubar Qamishlo provided them with housing and some supplies.

They uprooted all her nails

LH, who preferred not to be named, explained that they were unable to leave the canton at first and returned to a village that preferred not to be named to protect the safety of the villagers from the mercenaries. "We stayed in the village the first day we gathered in the mosque, to steal our property and after that, they began to apply the injustice against the parents of the kidnapping of young people and torture to death, of them could not move until after a period of return to their homes.

She said that the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army kidnapped one of the women of the village and tortured them brutally. "They uprooted all her nails, in addition to abducting two women, who were released two weeks ago and then returned and kidnapped them without knowing the reason.

After the olive harvest was finished, the mercenaries began to tour through the car inside the village and demanded half of the olive extract from the residents. In the event of refusal, the residents were arrested or beaten. "Someone refused to give them what they wanted, they kidnapped him for two days and tortured him brutally," LH added.

In Afrin I was like a prisoner

The citizen (RN) the husband of the citizen (LH) said, "I was not able to go to my village, I stayed there and saw what they were doing. They were arresting the villagers  on trivial charges only take money from them, and those who do not bear and cannot afford those practices were paying their money and come out of Afrin."

"The mercenaries said to me, 'You are a danger to us because you are a Kurd and demand your rights, and said you must not be here,"(RN) added.

They  investigated with them without charge

The citizen (RN) said that the mercenaries investigated with me  and with my wife whole day we were lost among them, and after paying a ransom of 300 thousand Syrian pounds, the mercenaries agreed to let us go," he said.

He added, "The mercenaries came with me and my wife and asked us to hand over the family book and identity cards."

RN, revealed that there are figures who talk to the people and promote the return at the time they looted all their possessions, and they themselves serve as slaves to mercenaries, "so we should not be fooled by what they promote."



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