With Turkish "charity" funds, ISIS militants try to escape from Al-Hol camp

The security forces in Al-Hol camp arrested four ISIS women who tried to escape from the camp towards the Turkish border, and the sources confirmed to our agency that the smuggling operations are organized with "charity" funds and led by Turkmen ISIS women.

One of the most dangerous camps in the world, Al-Hol camp includes thousands of ISIS families who continue to commit crimes and violations against the camp's residents.

The camp every now and then witnesses of killings and violence that are mostly committed by ISIS women against its residents, in addition to their continuous attempts to escape from the camp, and heading either towards the Turkish borders or the areas occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries in northern Syria.

In this context, sources from inside al-Hol camp reported to our agency that the security forces in the camp arrested four ISIS women who tried to flee yesterday to the Turkish border.

The sources pointed out to “Hawar News Agency” that two of them are two sisters with Sudanese nationality, and two have Tanzanian citizenship, and they also have children.

The security sources, who were acquainted with the confessions of the ISIS women, mentioned that the money that reaches those who are trying to escape comes from Turkey through Turkestan ISIS women, organizing campaigns called "charity" in Turkey, and they collect the money in order to smuggle families who do not have a financial source.

It is noteworthy that Al-Hol camp, located 45 km east of the city of Hasakah, is inhabited by more than 74 thousand people, among the displaced, refugees and families of ISIS mercenaries, women and children.

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