​​​​​​​With leader Ocalan’s birth, new life for women created

A number of women who met the leader Ocalan considered that the birth of the leader Ocalan is the birth of all women, has sacred meanings, and is considered a new life for women, and they wished freedom for the leader.

April 4th marks the 72nd birthday of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, which is considered a new birth for the oppressed peoples, especially for women who broke the rule of slavery practiced against them, so that Ocalan's birth is the birth of a new life for women by their struggle on the principles of the leader's philosophy.

On a visit of the leader Abdullah Ocalan to Ma'sum Qor Qemaz Academy in Lebanon in the 1990s, many women had the opportunity to meet him and visit him, such as the mother Aisha Darwish Khalil, who visited the leader accompanied by her husband and children in 1990, and our agency interviewed.

 The mother Aisha, 77 years old is the mother of strugglers in the ranks of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK); Abbas Mahmoud al-Taher, the nom de guerre: Karim who was martyred in Serhed in 1991, and Khadija Mahmoud Taher, the nom de guerre: Rayhan who was martyred in 1992 in Hazakh.

The spirit of responsibility

The mother Aisha recalled her memory the details of the meetings and said: "When I met the leader, I could not believe. He talked to us at that time about patriotism, how to defend the homeland, self, people and home, and take responsibility towards the homeland."

The birth of leader Ocalan is the birth of all women

Fatima Mahmoud Taher, the mother Aisha’s daughter also met the leader for the first time when she was 17 years old with her mother, describing her feelings saying, "The leader was focusing a lot on the role of youth in society, and the call for unification of the Kurdish discourse. He also talked about patriotism, especially for women, and the pursuit of their freedom and their importance in societies."

On the changes that occurred to her personality as a woman, Fatima indicated that after she met him, she noticed a great change in her personality and thought. He was an incentive for her to advance in her work.

On the importance of April 4 for women, Fatima pointed out that the birth of the leader Ocalan is "the birth for all women," has sacred meanings, and is considered a new life for the women who woke up from their slumber and realized themselves and their history.

At the end of the talk: Fatima congratulated the birth of the leader over all the women of the world, and she wished freedom for the leader.


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