William Roubak meets with MSD's officials

On Saturday , March 2 , counselor William Roubak, representative of US Department of State , accompanied with the diplomat” Geef” met  with the delegation of (MSD) in Ain Isa / al-Raqqa area


Counselor William Roubak was received by a delegation from the Syrian Democratic Council consisting of the co-chair of the Executive Body “Ilham Ahmed” and the co-chair of the Office of Public Relations “Jihad Omar” in addition to the member of the Office of Public Relations “Ferhad Hamo”

During the meeting, they discussed the latest political and military developments in northern and eastern Syria

The meeting also dealt with the efforts of SDF and the International Alliance in fighting the terrorist organization “ISIS” in its last strongholds in east of the Euphrates.

They talked about the stage after eliminating ISIS in al-Bagouz
The delegation of the Syria Democratic Council asserted to Counselor “William Roubak” that the areas of north and east of Syria face several challenges, the most important of which are sleeper cells of the terrorist organization and the possibility of re-gathering itself in light of the threats launched by the Turkish state to invade areas in north and east of Syria

The meeting concluded by stressing the need for continued coordination and cooperation between the Syria Democratic Forces and the International Alliance until the final elimination of any presence of the terrorist organization geographically or intellectually.



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