Wikipedia complains Turkey to European Court of Human Rights

The organization that runs Wikipedia has filed a lawsuit against the Turkish government before the European Human Rights Court after Ankara's decision to block its website, the British Financial Times reported.

The organization, known as the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization, was called upon to lift the case for lifting the ban after attempts to lift it through local courts in Turkey, talking with officials and lobbying to allow the site to be made available.

The ban, imposed two years ago, violated freedom of expression guaranteed by article 10 of the European Convention.

The conflict focuses on two pages written in English about Turkish-sponsored terrorism because of the "linkage between Turkey and terrorist acts, and that Turkey appeared to be in line with the vision of terrorist groups."

The legal director of Wikimedia, Stephen Laporte, said the government had demanded the removal of the pages "without any formal explanation of the parts it claims to be illegal."

Executive Director of Wikimedia , Catherine Maher, said the foundation had not responded to Turkey's request "because we believe the content is protected by freedom of expression."

In 2017, Turkey demanded the removal of the articles.

Wikimedia responded to Ankara's request, saying that "its rules allow for the re-release of the material to any user, as long as it is in a neutral and accurate framework."

A Turkish court had upheld the decision to keep the ban. The firm filed a lawsuit with the Constitutional Court but did not decide the case within two years, according to a statement issued by Wikimedia.

Turkey has temporarily blocked some social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, in the wake of major protests or terrorist attacks.




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