Widespread  discontent  in Aleppo over decision to demolish houses

Widespread  discontent among the people of Aleppo city after the City Council took a number of unfair decisions against them, including the decision to destroy 900 buildings threatened to collapse without compensation owners.

As a result of the battles and mutual shelling between the Syrian regime forces and mercenary groups in Aleppo neighborhoods, many buildings were severely damaged. After the mercenary groups left Aleppo, Aleppo City Council listed more than 900 buildings in the list of threatened collapse that should be removed, but what raised resentment of the residents is the issuance of the demolition decision without any program to compensate the owners of the buildings to be demolished.

Most of the buildings to be demolished are located in the eastern part of Aleppo city, which was controlled by mercenary groups until late 2016, which was heavily bombarded with aerial and heavy weapons by regime forces with the support of Russian air and Iranian ground.

In addition, sources from the areas of control of the regime's forces confirmed to ANHA that the Syrian Regime had warned more than 70 random houses in the neighborhood of Sukkari to evacuate so as to bulldoze those houses and demolish them and open a highway in that area.



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