Why is Erdogan "desperate" to dominate Libya?

 Libyan specialists estimate that one of the main objectives of The Turkish intervention in Libya is to form a "Brotherhood" alliance in North Africa in order to dominate north Africa.

 "Erdogan is desperately trying to establish Turkish influence in Libya, that made the UN envoy to Libya,  Ghassan Salameh to announce his fears that the internal crisis would turn into a regional war. According to some analysts reading of the Libyan crisis.

"Turkish plans go beyond Libya"

 After Erdogan officially announced transferring  Syrian mercenaries and Turkish troops to fight in Libya against the Libyan National Army and opened unlimited military support to mercenary groups in Tripoli,  despite the difficult equation that the Libyan army put in front of the Turkish plans, the latter is openly determined to continue to support mercenary groups, in an effort to implement their plans.

 Meanwhile, observers estimate that Turkey's plans go beyond seizing Libya's resources to a broader ambition of dominating north Africa.

"Turkey continues to interfere in Libya's internal affairs and supports the armed militias in the capital Tripoli with weapons, air defense systems, drones and sends Syrian mercenaries to Tripoli  for Turkey's economic ambitions by dominating oil and gas; Turkey wants to have greater influence in Al Sahel, Sahara and North Africa."

According to Juma'a, "The Turkish intervention will go further to achieve this goal through supporting  the political Islam groups, specifically the Muslim Brotherhood in North Africa.  It tries to have influence over Egypt through the Brotherhood. " it make a security threat on Egypt and Algeria  as well as Tunisia."

"It is to work to form Brotherhood alliance in North Africa, fully supported by Turkey, and the spearhead of this alliance is the Brotherhood in Libya, as Libya has the oil that can funds Turkey's plans  in the north of Africa." He said.

Juma'a estimates: "There is a Turkish-European disagreement due to Turkey's blatant interference in Libya. Turkey's support for the armed militias that are looking to move to the European continent, which threatens the security and stability of these countries as well as Turkey's dealings with human trade groups. "Libya is a "corridor" for migration, which affects the security of European countries."

Juma'a points out: "This prompted Europe, specifically France to attack Turkey because of its behavior in support of the  armed militias in Libya with large and sophisticated weapons and money.  These Turkish-backed militias are seeking to move to Europe as a large number of these mercenaries have got the Turkish passports and official papers to facilitate their transfer."

"European plans to put pressure on Turkey"

"Europe cannot yet put pressure on Turkey," Juma'a continues: "Because of a number of common economic and political interests, and Turkey's role in the Syrian crisis. These countries do not want to collide with Turkey yet."

"Europe is developing plans and moves to blockade any arms transfer to Libya by activating the maritime surveillance in the next few days," he said.

He continued: "The European countries have the economy card to pressure Turkey to retreat from its subversive policy in Libya, but the implementation of this card is difficult, because Europe does not want a clash with Turkey yet. It prepares for this scenario for the long time "It is appropriate to force them to change their policies and plans to interfere in the internal affairs of Arab countries, specifically in Libya and Syria."

Juma'a pointed out that: "There are beneficiaries of the Turkish role in supporting  the Brotherhood, ISIS and al-Qaeda, as well as the countries that support these organization.  The Turkish role has become public and clear."



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