Why Erdogan rejects security mechanism?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has long claimed that northern and eastern Syria poses a threat to his national security, although the peoples are fully aware of the falsity of these allegations, the people of this region have agreed to a border security mechanism and Washington, Ankara and the SDF agree on the security mechanism.

Joint patrols in the region took place on September 8, but Erdogan rejected the mechanism. The question that arises is why Erdogan rejects this mechanism and what has been agreed upon is being implemented in practice, as planned. The answer to this question does not need much thought, this security mechanism will expose the falsity of his claims because he is the one who threatens a safe area, and therefore this agreement exposes Erdogan's intentions and cuts the road to his plan to control Aleppo, northern and eastern Syria and beyond Mosul and Kirkuk to revive Misak Milli.

Erdogan said on Sunday that he wanted to include the, cities and rural in the areas so-called safe zone, thus revealing his intention and desire to occupy the region to strike the Syrian-Syrian Kurdish brotherhood and the system they formed together and run their own areas, Erdogan's goal is to eliminate this administration because it is the most democratic situation, this experience can be the solution to all the problems in the region, from Turkey, Iran, Syria and even Iraq, because a single nationalist regime, whether a minority or a majority in those countries, oppresses the rest and denies them.

Erdogan, through his threats, also revealed his other intention to change the demography of the region and eliminate the Kurds, this region is a mixture of Kurds, Arabs, Syriac Assyrians Chaldeans, Armenians, Circassians and Turkmen, with the presence of cities with a Kurdish majority. These components were subjected to massacres by the Ottomans and their Turkish grandchildren.

Erdogan's threats to the European Union a few days ago to open the door to immigration to refugees - all of them not Syrians - if they did not support his plan to form a so-called safe area Erdogan is to confirm his intention to change the demography of the region, especially since the Autonomous Administration welcomed the return of refugees But Erdogan's talk of a million refugees is certainly to implement his plan in this region.

Erdogan's repeated threats undoubtedly affect the great goal of the SDF and the US-led Global Coalition against ISIS to eliminate ISIS sleeper cells and find a solution to the ISIS detainees as well as their families in al-Hol camp, which is as a time bomb ready to explode at any time.

The whole world should realize that by rejecting the agreement, Erdogan wants to occupy the region and implement his plans, the danger they pose in these countries in this case, therefore, the U.S and the Europe should prevent Turkish threats and put an end to Erdogan's arrogance.

Turkish threats against northern and eastern Syria must be taken seriously, because Erdogan is known for his despicable deals and is prepared to do everything to eliminate the Kurdish presence. Since Russia intervened in support of the Syrian regime in September 2015, Erdogan's strategy has changed. He used his gaze from the capital Damascus to the Kurdish areas and used Syrian and foreign mercenaries who carried weapons in Syria to this end, he sold Aleppo in return for Jrablos, Bab, and Azaz. He sold the Eastern Ghouta, which was a fortress to the regime and Russia, in exchange for the occupation of Afrin, he is ready to sell Idlib, 3 million Syrians residing there and 4 million Syrian refugees in Turkey and hand them over to the regime in return for allowing him to launch attacks on northern and eastern Syria and its administration.

But the attack on this area is not easy for the Turkish army, the border is long and extends over a distance of 400 km and Turkey and its mercenaries cannot open such fronts, and the commander in chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces Mazloum Abdi said that any Turkish attack will push them to open this long front, and therefore such war would be long and costly for all parties, especially since Erdogan is in an internal predicament, and would prolong the Syrian war, which has become too costly for world powers and more than the benefit it can derive from this intervention.

Moreover, any Turkish attack means that the Global Coalition's efforts against ISIS since its formation in 2014 and up until now will be in vain, and ISIS will recover and exploit Turkish attacks, perhaps to take back areas of territory, as well as any Turkish attack endangers the lives of US and coalition soldiers.

Also, Russia is not suited for Turkey to occupy this oil-rich region, which Russia aims to control, because it is fully aware that the presence of Turkey as a party means the presence of NATO behind it, and therefore if Erdogan achieves his goal of occupying the region, neither Russia nor the Syrian regime will be able to get it out of this region. Especially since the experience of the occupation of Northern Cyprus in 1974 is a good example and the Turkish soldiers and did not leave it so far.

Since the circumstances on the international scene are not favorable to Erdogan to launch attacks on this region, he seeks through the language of escalation used to obtain concessions from America and the Syrian Democratic Forces to achieve his ambitions in the region, especially as he is living a real crisis in Idlib, which cannot be seen Apart from the situation in the north and east of Syria, Turkey tried to play on the Russian-American contradictions in Syria, but the dual policy is no longer beneficial to Erdogan. His closeness to Russia means his distance from America and vice versa in both cases, he will be a loser.

It seems that the events are heading towards Turkey's total loss in Syria because Erdogan's policies are incompatible with the surrounding countries, the European Union, Russia and America, all over the world and that Erdogan must be eliminated globally.


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