Why does Turkey impose strict isolation on Ocalan?

Lawyers, engineers and teachers of Tirbespiyê district have indicated that the Turkish authorities are against any democratic project, and are trying in all ways to prevent any peace process in the region, and imposed an intensive isolation on the leader of Ocalan it was hard evidence to do so.

The leader Abdullah Ocalan, in several meetings with his lawyer, expressed his willingness to resolve outstanding issues in the region, and made clear that he was ready to play a role in the peace process, but that the Turkish authorities responded to Ocalan's position by imposing a disciplinary penalty against him and three other detainees, on October 21.

 Ocalan's lawyers have said that these penalties are confidential and are unaware of their content.

Hashem Sayyid Mahdi, who is a teacher in one of the schools in Tirbespiyê district     affiliated to Al-Jazeera region, indicated that the leader Ocalan launched many initiatives during the past years, but the Turkish state always responds to these initiatives with hostility and launches attacks. He said: “Because the Turkish regime builds itself on a weak basis peoples and control them. "

Mahdi showed that the unity of components and the democratic project in NE, Syria is a product of the thought of leader Ocalan, and Turkey is realized the danger of democracy to its anti-peace regime, and explained: "Therefore, additional sanctions are imposed on the leader with the aim of removing him from the outside world."

Lawyer Muhammad al-Owaid pointed out that the forces involved in the region's crises, rooted for centuries, base their policies on conspiring against the peoples of the region, and try to divide the region to weaken its people, and then control it, and said: "Therefore, the Turkish state fights any political project to resolve the region's crises."

Turkey is trying in every way to thwart any peace project in the region

Al-Owaid stressed that the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan is an extension of Turkey's anti-peace policy, and said: "The initiatives launched by the leader have an important role to solve the crises in the region, since the people believe in their peaceful idea to solve issues and end wars."

The industrial engineer, Muhammed Salim Abbas, explained that the Turkish state has a long occupation experience in the region, and spread poverty and ignorance through it, and it is known for its hostility to all peoples, including Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs and even Turkmen, and explained: "Therefore, it tries by all means to thwart any peace project in the region."

Muhammad Salim Abbas indicated that: “The revolution in north and east Syria that established the concept of a democratic nation has become a symbol of peace, and this project was proposed by leader Ocalan, and Turkey realizes Ocalan's ability to solve issues in the region, and this has imposed severe isolation on him.”



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