Whoever try to underestimate our revolution's gains are traitors

The Training Committee at the Kongra Star condemned the demands to stop education in Kurdish, and said that education in Rojava, north and east Syria depends on the true translation of the struggle reality, and destroying it is one of the Kurdistan occupiers' goals. It called on the political parties to adhere to the values of society, culture and language, and work for national unity.

This came in a statement issued by the Training Committee of the Kongra Star to the public opinion, denouncing the Kurdish National Council's refusal to teach the Kurdish language.

The text of the statement included:

"Language is the identity of nations, read and learn your language, the existence of the Kurdish nation is linked to the existence of its language, and the shame is that you do not know how to read and write in your language. The fate of the Kurdish nation's unity is linked to the future of its language. Undoubtedly, the preservation of the nations' customs, traditions, culture and history is done via language. Each people has its own language and by it, it maintains its properties.

Some Kurdish political parties have not condemned the Turkish occupation for imposing its language on our people and students in occupied Afrin, but today we see teaching the Kurdish language is unacceptable in our regions in northern and eastern Syria.

We in the Training Committee for the Kongra Star condemn the positions of canceling the teaching of the Kurdish language in schools in north and east Syria because our language is our existence and identity, and those who undermine the gains of our revolution are traitors to the national unity, so all parties must stand against the plans of the occupying countries.

We must also preserve the language, culture and values of our people in the four parts of Kurdistan, as well as establish the national unity

On this basis, and as the Training Committee for the Kongra Star, we say: "The Kurdish people should not deceive themselves, and they must learn their language, give it importance, read and write in it. If any nation loses its language, this means that this nation faces genocide, but as long as the nation's language is present and alive, the nation will remain present forever. If we want to present ourselves to the world, we must read and learn in our language."

Education today in Rojava depends on the true translation of the reality. As the region and its people need for change in Syria, three languages are taught together in one school for the first time.

The Kurdish language is a true language that has survived until now despite the obstacles, prohibitions and sanctions, and the Kurdish people have not abandoned their language and established a colorful garden for the Kurdish language and culture, unlike many other languages that have been lost and extinct. Furthermore, one of Kurdistan occupiers' goals is to destroy the identity of the Kurdish nation.

Therefore, all political parties must adhere to the values of society, culture and language and work for national unity which is the only hope for our people to put an end to the international violations against it."



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