WHO: expect explosion in Covid-19 casualties in Syria and Yemen

Abdul Naseer Abu bakir, Head of the World Health Organization team for preventing the infectious hazards, expressed concern about the shortage of the new reported coronavirus cases in Syria and Yemen, adding that we may expect "an explosion in cases."

So far, Syria, Yemen and Libya are the only three Arab countries that have not reported cases of the new CORONA virus and are in the midst of an ongoing conflict.

"Most of these countries have cases except Syria and Yemen, which we, as the World Health Organization, are somewhat concerned because countries that may not have cases are poorly healthy and have a weak observation system," Abu Bakir said in a phone interview with CNN.

" As for Syria. I'm sure the virus is spreading, but they haven't discovered the cases in one way or another. That is my feeling, but I don't have any evidence for that." "Sooner or later, we might expect cases to explode."

Abu BakIr said:" most cases of the new Coronavirus in the Middle East are related to the traveling to Iran."

Abdul Nasir Abu Bakir stressed that the Middle East had acted faster than Europeans in dealing with the outbreak of the CORONA virus, yet Iran's "extraordinary intrusions" as described were "too late."



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