WHO ending its mission in Egypt regarding Corona: Egypt is able to fight the virus

The World Health Organization has announced the conclusion of its technical mission in Egypt on the emerging Corona virus "Covid 19", with major results from the serious work being done to control the outbreak of the disease, especially in the areas of case detection, contact tracing, laboratory testing, and patient referral.

The organization said through its official account on Twitter today, Thursday: "In light of reports related to the transmission of infection locally in Egypt, there is a critical window of opportunity to effectively control the spread of the disease and prevent local transmission of the Corona virus, taking the approach of engaging the entire government and the approach of engaging the entire community."

The World Health Organization said it had not detected any significant changes in the level of aggression of the emerging coronaviruses "Covid-19" virus as it spread to different regions of the world.0

So far, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, the world has recorded more than 21,000 deaths and more than 472,000 HIV infections.

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