Where are 21,949 ISIS mercenaries that the Turkish state released?

The most dangerous mercenary group on earth appeared, ISIS, in 2000 and in 2014 spread to the Middle East. Clearly, there will be much discussion about the sources that contributed to the rise of ISIS.

Many countries have relations with ISIS, either on the basis of economic interests or ideological intersection, but Turkey leads the list of these countries and this is not hidden to anyone.

The group, which is cursed by the world, has been adopted by the Turkish state and has never denied its links to ISIS. At times, Turkey has described ISIS as "angry children" and adopted them.

Dozens of videos show the warm meeting between Turkish soldiers and ISIS soldiers. These videos were spread on the media.

Tens of thousands of ISIS mercenaries and jihadists have arrived in Syria through Turkish territory, those have beheaded, destroyed and massacred.

Some journalists who questioned ISIS show that ISIS has organized its ranks and increased the number of ISIS operatives the most in Turkey.

Brett McGurk, former US special envoy to the international coalition to counter ISIS, revealed earlier the relationship between Turkey and ISIS.  He said, "We have held many meetings with Turkey to close its borders to ISIS. The aim was to block the entry of ISIS into Syria, but Turkey did not close its borders and said we would not close. But after the Kurds took control of part of the border, Turkey erected a wall on the border and closed it.

Following McGurk's statement, there were new developments to support the authenticity of the former US official.

In October 27, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed in a joint operation between the US military and the SDF in the village of Barisha, near a Turkish "checkpoint" about 5 kilometers from the Turkish-controlled Hatay region.

Al-Baghdadi's killing in an area under Turkish occupation reveals Turkey's connection to ISIS. Elsewhere in Jarablus, in the village of Ain al-Baydah, deputy Baghdadi Abu Hassan al-Muhajir was also killed in a joint operation between Syrian Democratic Forces and the US military.

Shortly after the two attacks on al-Baghdadi and his deputy, the Turkish state announced the arrest of al-Baghdadi's sister, Rasmia Awad

The Turkish state was trading oil with ISIS along with many dirty deals. Turkey itself shows that it is leading operations against ISIS, arresting its members, bringing them to court from the front door and releasing them from the back door.

When Turkey realized that it would not defeat the Kurds through ISIS, another phase of the "fight against ISIS" began through lies and declared its true war against the Kurds.

Following the geographic elimination of ISIS last March by the Syrian Democratic Forces, the Turkish state began to refer to ISIS as a terrorist group.

With the Turkish attack on north and east of Syria in 9 October, news on the Turkish media about the arrest of ISIS operatives began to occur almost daily.

In order for the Turkish occupation state to have a legitimate cover for its attack and annihilation of the Kurds, it has always mentioned the name of ISIS.

The Turkish state passed 40,000 mercenaries to Syria. Despite the information published by Turkey about the arrest of ISIS operatives, its relationship with ISIS continues.

According to the Turkish Ministry of Justice:

In 2015, the number of mercenaries in Turkey's prisons was 2,850. Only 41 mercenaries were investigated, meaning that 2,809 mercenaries have not yet been questioned.

In 2016, 4605 were arrested on suspicion of links to ISIS, 513 were arrested and only 7 were sentenced

2017, 2,300 ISIS were arrested and 470 arrested and now only 28 mercenaries are talked about.

2018, international pressure forced the Turkish state to increase those figures. 3015 ISIS were arrested and the Turkish state claimed 161 detainees.

In order to legitimize its attack on the Kurds in north and east of Syria, the Turkish state is talking about the arrest of 4,517 ISIS in 2019.

In the last ten months Turkey claims to have arrested 13,696 ISIS member.

According to these data, the Turkish state arrested 26,466 ISIS members between 2015 and 2019

These figures come from the official data of the Turkish state. There are many things that have been included in intelligence files. According to intelligence documents for the Nordic Monitor website, a large number of mercenaries were arrested between January 2014 and July 30 have not been included in the official records of the AKP courts and have been released.

According to Turkish media sites, only 37 percent of ISIS detainees were registered in the official restrictions of the Turkish courts.

 ISIS who were not registered in the official restrictions of the Turkish courts were the spearhead of the Turkish attack on Afrin.

Recently, with the start of the Turkish attack on the north and east of Syria, they changed the clothes of mercenaries and called them the "Syrian National Army" and the Turkish state launched the mercenaries within the Syrian land.



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