What is happening in al-Shirkark silos in Ain Issa district?

The Turkish occupation army withdrew from al-Shirkrak silo, according it seems agreement with Russia, while yesterday, the Russian forces headed with the Syrian regime to remove mines in the silos' vicinity, we have no precise information about the forces which will be stationed in the silos.

Turkey and its mercenaries according to scheme occupied al-Shirkrak village and its silos in 17th last November, and started to put mines in the surrounding of the silos, which considered one of the largest silos in Gire Sipi and Ain Issa cantons, as its ability to store large quantity of wheat, estimated by 120,000 tons.

After the occupation of the silos, a series of meetings were held between the Russian forces and the Turkish occupation inside al-Shirkrak silos, while the outcome of the meetings was not clear, in addition to organizing joint patrols on the international route between the distance from al-Shirkrak silos to Alia silos.

Yesterday, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries withdrew from the silos of al-Shirkark, but sources from the region report that the Turkish occupation comes to the silos from time to time.

And our agency's correspondent today monitored the withdrawal of another Turkish armored vehicle from the north of the silos towards the villages of Tel-Abyed, while two Russian armored vehicles were standing near the silos and on the international road

ANHA correspondent also monitored the stationing of Russian cars and armored vehicles in the northern silos, while several bulldozers were working to remove the mounds from its surroundings.

And the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria was using al-Shirkark silos as a strategic stockpile with the aim of securing wheat for bakeries, and providing them as seeds for farmers for agricultural seasons. Where it contained 9 thousand tons of wheat material before its occupation by Turkey's mercenaries, and it is able to store 120 thousand tons of wheat crop.



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