What is happening in Afrin?

The citizen (MM) of the people of Afrin recounted the practices of  the Turkish mercenaries in Afrin, and she said: "Who goes to Afrin is suffering from the scourge of the actions and practices of mercenaries."

Following the occupation of Afrin by the Turkish army and its mercenaries on 18 March 2018, the violations of mercenaries and immoral practices against the people, especially women as killing, looting and abduction continue.

There are also many families who have not had the opportunity to get out of Afrin canton and continue to suffer from the brutality of the Turkish occupation mercenaries, such as the 50-year-old mother and mother of five children, who managed to get out of Afrin about twenty days ago, preferring not to disclose her identity to maintain the safety of her relatives in Afrin.

"One month after we left Afrin during the occupation, we received information that our car and the furniture of our house had been looted and that the mercenaries would return them if their owners returned. With this trick, we were forced to return to Afrin.

"After our return to Afrin, by Katebet Lewa al-Shemal to return to our house, but the Sultan Murad factions with Lewa al-Shemal stormed the place directly to get us out of our house, but we refused.

Women are victims of the acts of mercenaries in Afrin

The citizen (MM) reported that the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation in Afrin have daily escalated their immoral violations and practices against women and that women are victims of the acts of mercenaries.

"Two days later, a number of members of the Turkish occupation army broke into our house with the mercenaries. They accused the wife of my husband's brother (FM) of charges and fabricated arguments. They abducted her for 28 days and she received beatings and torture, where mercenaries imprisoned her in a room full of snakes and mice.

The mercenaries threatened to take her 14-year-old daughter on charges that she was studying at Afrin school run by the Democratic Autonomous Administration.

After they had lost hope of taking my daughter, they arrested my son and son of (FM) for 16 days. After their release.

The second time, a son of (MM) was arrested by mercenaries and held for 15 days in which he received torture and food deprivation.

(MM) added "The Turkish mercenaries broke into the house of two women(55 Years-old) and arrested the two women. When they stormed the house, they were tortured for 24 days, in brutal ways, including the removal of the nails."

Turkish occupation deceives people to return to Afrin

"The mercenaries forced me to talk to my husband and to tell him to return to the region and to be safe and stable, and they were following the policy of seduction and misleading, " she said.

(MM) concluded by saying: "Whoever goes to Afrin will receive torture and brutal practices by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation."



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