What is going on in Afrin?

Afrin is witnessing fighting between mercenary groups and settlers, in light of the continued kidnapping and destruction of the environment by the Turkish occupation.

Turkey occupied Afrin in March 18, 2018, and since the first day, mercenaries and Turkish soldiers moved into the homes and property of civilians like locusts and looted every city of Afrin in just one day. To date, Afrin witnesses daily cases of kidnapping and killing under torture and fighting between mercenary factions.

Kidnappings continue in Afrin

On September 24, Sultan Murad's mercenaries abducted six citizens from the village of Qurtqilaq, which belonged to Shara. They were Mohammed Juma Ahmad, Muhammad Ahmad Musho, Essam Manan Musho, Hanan Mohammed Musallam, Mustafa Abdul Qader Sheikh Ahmed and Omar Shahin Musho. Their fate remains unknown.

Last week, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries abducted more than 28 citizens from different villages and districts of Afrin, whose fate remains unknown.

On the other hand, mercenaries riding in a black Santa Fe car arrested two female students in Afrin, Layal Deiri and Bayan Hamo, in the city center of Afrin.

Burning and uprooting trees

On the other hand, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army set fire to a forest in Mobata district, where the forest was burned on the outskirts of the villages of Rota and Kakhra and dozens of forest trees were burned, while some aged 50, were cut down in Raju district.

In the same context, the mercenaries of Soqour al-Sham cut down dozens of fruit trees and perennials in the vicinity of the village of Qazlbash of the district of Balbla in Afrin canton to be sold as firewood.

Daily clashes between the mercenary factions

The villages and districts of Afrin canton witness clashes between the mercenary factions of the Turkish occupation army, and last week, the mercenaries of Jabha Shamiya opened fire indiscriminately at the settlers of Eastern Ghouta.

Besides, the mercenaries of the so-called "Bayanouni" affiliated to the Third Corps attacked the Ghouta settlers with heavy machine guns on September 20 in the city of Afrin, where clashes erupted between the two sides. According to a source, many of the dead were among the settlers from Jobar neighborhood in Damascus

Two settlers also drowned in Afrin, one in Gamrouk village in Mobata district and the other in Ma'rata village, affiliated to the Afrin Center. One of them was identified as Ibrahim Ali Hamada, 16, from Azaz.

Looting money from the people at the checkpoints

The mercenaries of the military police at the checkpoint at the entrance of Afrin from the east by looting a number of freight cars and livestock, and imposed the amounts of money, which is estimated at 2000 SP per vehicle.



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