What happens in border triangle between Rojava, Başûr and Bakur?

Information indicates that the strongholds that were built in the border triangle between Rojava, Başûr Kurdistan, and Bakur Kurdistan by the Turkish intelligence and the Kurdistan Democratic Party are to monitor the borders, and information indicates that the Turkish occupation will build an airport for reconnaissance planes on Mount Bê Xêr in Başûr Kurdistan.

The forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party began some time ago to build headquarters and outposts on the borders between Rojava and Başûr Kurdistan (southern Kurdistan), and brought large military reinforcements to the area near the Semalka border crossing between Rojava and Başûr.

These outposts were built starting from the headquarters of the castle in Başûr Kurdistan, and they extended for kilometers on the borders within the territory of Kurdistan. According to the information obtained by our agency, the castle is a joint headquarter for Turkish intelligence and forces affiliated with the Kurdistan Democratic Party, which is called "Parastin."

What happens in the castle headquarter?

The same sources explained that the headquarter of the castle which is located on the Tigris River is used by the Turkish intelligence and intelligence of the Kurdistan Democratic Party as a center for the investigation of those who cross the border from Rojava to Başûr Kurdistan, especially those who have relatives within the military forces and the Autonomous Administration in northern and eastern Syria, and this headquarter is protected by the Peshmerga of the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

The sources explained that the goal of building these headquarters is to collect information about the border areas in Rojava, in addition to always monitoring movements in Rojava via reconnaissance aircrafts.

Constructing an airport for reconnaissance aircrafts at Mount Bê Xêr

The sources indicated an important information which is that the Turkish occupation, with the participation of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, is now working to build an airport for reconnaissance planes on the " Bê Xêr " Mountain. This mountain has an important strategic location, as it overlooks the region completely, especially the border triangle between "Rojava," Başûr Kurdistan (southern Kurdistan), and Bakur Kurdistan (northern Kurdistan), and with the Turkish state's construction of this "airport" base, you will be able to fully explore and uncover the border areas between Rojava and Başûr, especially the Dêrik region.

On the other hand, and in order for the Peshmerga of the Kurdistan Democratic Party to monitor and control the borders, the Turkish occupation provided technical equipment such as night and thermal surveillance cameras, and they were placed on the borders, especially in the headquarters of "Khank, Shelkia."



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