What after Istanbul elections?!

Bekr Haj Issa, the Official in the External Relations and Diplomacy in the Democratic Union Party(PYD), said that the Istanbul's municipal re-elections and the victory of the Turkish opposition in it was a break of the parameters of the ruling dictatorship in Turkey, pointing out that the Turkish policy will be soft with its opponents.

The municipal elections in Istanbul were held on June 23 after the rest of the Turkish cities witnessed the same elections in late March, but the results of the Istanbul elections were canceled after the Justice and Development Party, in which it lost to the largest opposition party, claimed the existence of irregular cases at polling stations.

But the AKP, led by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has once again lost ground in the city where he first ascended to the political scene in Turkey. The difference between Justice and Development candidate Ben Ali Yildirm and Republican People's Party candidate Akram Emam Oglu was greater.

"For the first time, the ruling party in Turkey faces a great loss, so it re-elected the first time, Erdogan were there, and was thinking who wins in Istanbul will control whole of Turkey," Haj Issa said.

Haj Issa to the Hawar News Agency that "the re-election was as crack in the dictatorship, and formed a convergence on the other hand between the Kurdish and Turkish people, which led to the failure of the policy of AKP."

The elections were a lesson for both conflicting parties, he added.

 They knew very well that they could not achieve uniqueness in governing the country without the Kurdish party," he said.

Haj Issa pointed out that the Democratic People's Party was able to achieve victory through its successful policy in dealing with the dictatorship of AKP.

 Haj Issa pointed out that the Turkish opposition with the help of the Peoples' Party was able to break the sectarian walls that the AKP relied upon to isolate the peoples.

Republican People's Party through implicit calls from the Peoples Democratic Party was the reason for the loss of AKP of major cities in Turkey, observers said.

Commenting on this point, Haj Issa affirms that the real victory in the elections is the victory of the peoples over the tyrant, explaining that the rapprochement between the opposition and the Democratic People's Party represents the will and democracy of the peoples.

 As for the direction of Turkish policy after the recent local elections, haj Issa said that "the Turkish state at the crossroads, the first road leads to its collapse and the second requires it to change its policy towards the Kurdish people and deal with the common interests of the peoples."

Justice and Development is not as strong as it was before the elections. This loss lost its role as a key player in the Syrian war, especially as the opposition party is not satisfied with its policies and interventions in Syrian territory," Haj Issa added.

Haj Issa said in the same context that the Turkish government, led by the Justice and Development and if it continues its policy of oppression and dictatorship will have difficulties in staying on the helm while the largest cities in the country being run by opposition parties.

Expectations for Turkey's future after the loss of the ruling party, the country's largest city, have been high, while some believe it will affect Turkey's foreign policy, especially as the AKP often confuses domestic and foreign policy.

Others believe that the recent loss was the result of repressive policies at home and floundering abroad by the party of Turkish President Erdogan.

Haj Issa not to follow the Republican People's Party will not pursue the same policy followed by Erdogan, especially that the first sees the results of those political in Turkey

Haj Issa concluded his speech by stressing, "the Kurds have a key role in the political arena."



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