West to put double deterrent to Turkey, Syrian regime, al-Assad steps don’t help Lavrov to change Gulf position

Western countries intensified their moves to draw the scenario of the next day in the North and East of Syria after the elimination of IS, as these countries seek, primarily France to put a double deterrent to Turkey and the Syrian regime and not to disperse the security and military gains.


This morning, Arab newspapers touched upon developments in the Syrian situation and Western moves to stabilize stability in northern and eastern Syria.

Asharq Al-awsat Newspaper : France: The presence of US forces is a double deterrent to Turkey and the Syrian regime
Arab newspapers published in the morning on the Syrian issue dealt with several topics, the most important regional and international moves. In this context, Asharq Al-awsat Newspaper said: "With the close of the last battles against "IS", in the village of al-Bagouz and the elimination of the last strongholds in northeastern Syria, The next day scenario, which avoids "squandering the security and military gains" achieved on the ground, especially two main things: First, the return of «IS» in one way or another with terrorism, and the second «avoid the establishment of new wars».

According to the newspaper, the basic condition for this, according to high-level French official sources, is to "avoid the security vacuum that would prevent the Turks from crossing the Turkish-Syrian border and prevent the regime forces from crossing the Euphrates River." However, the achievement of these two objectives, according to Paris, linked with the presence of the US forces.

Al-Arab newspaper: Assad's steps are not helping Lavrov to change the Gulf position

Al-Arab newspaper said: "Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov concluded his Gulf tour on Thursday to meet with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed. The two sides discussed bilateral relations and reviewed a number of regional and international issues of mutual interest and exchanged views on them.

Lavrov began a tour of the region on Monday with the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar, focusing on discussing the Syrian issue and trying to break through the Gulf position toward Damascus. However, according to many, Bashar al-Assad has maintained his alliance with Iran through his visit to the capital Tehran yesterday, where he had a heated meeting with the Iranian media, with Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rohani. Observers believe that Russian efforts to reduce the Iranian presence remain insufficient.



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