We, Yazidi people, are exposed to injustice wherever we go

They migrated because of the Baath injustice in Iraq, and moved to Syria to be subjected to the injustice of the Syrian regime and the Turkish army later.

Since decades, the Yazidi people have been being killed and displaced by the various regimes occupying Kurdistan, so that every Yezidi family has a story of suffering.

During the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s, the Yazidi people suffered from the scourges of that war, as the Baath government in Iraq plunged Yazidi youth on the fronts of fighting and those who refused were killed or forced to emigrate and leave their land secretly.

The Khedr Hajji Hessi family is among those families who were forced to leave their land in Şengal, specifically in Burk region in 1982 after being subjected to daily injustice by the Baath government, as the party official at the time was practicing injustice against the families with the aim of forcing them to leave.

Khedr and after being wronged by an official of the Baath Party, although he served 5 years in the Iraqi army during the war, immigrated to Syria with his family on a trip that his wife, Berfo Qassem Hassen, says was very cruel, as they left Iraq to Syria on feet, and in Syria they lived in al-Hol camp.

According to Berfo, during two years of living in al-Hol camp, they were forced by the Baath government in Syria to follow their orders, and they suffered from poverty, hunger, cold and heat, so that they could leave the camp and live in the village of Tel Khatoon, 15 km northeast of Tirbê Spiyê district.

From the Baath oppression to the Turkish army oppression

After they lived in the village of Tel Khatoon, they Berfo and Khedr had 9 children, and Berfo began working to secure the livelihood of her family, and she used to make and sell handcraft furnace, and said, "Within one year, I made and sold 40 furnaces."

Berfo says that the Turkish army was preventing the people of the village from going out to their lands, shooting anyone approaching the border, and they killed many Yazidis with that argument: "This is how we Yazidis are subjected to injustice wherever we go and leave."

ISIS and Turkey brought back to our minds the tragedies of our people

During the summer of 2014, ISIS mercenaries attacked the areas and villages of the Yazidis in Şengal, and committed a massacre left thousands of civilian victims; those who lost their lives, those who were kidnapped and displaced, in addition to demolishing homes and religious shrines.

The Berfo Hassen family was among those who were subjected to killing.

She said: "What Şengal was subjected to brought back to our minds what we were subjected to, but in a different way. They killed my family in Şengal, and demolished their home, forcing them to leave and displace their land. That is the policy of the colonial countries of Kurdistan; the extermination of the Yazidi people in all ways and methods. Today, we see how Erdogan bombs Şengal with aircrafts."



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