"We will not recognize any agreement disregards view of Şengal people"

The co-chair of the Yazidi House said that the agreement concluded on the administration of Şengal is one of the plans of the Turkish state and poses a threat to the Yazidis, and indicated that any agreement concluded ignoring will of the people of Şengal will not recognize it.

An agreement was announced between Baghdad and Hewler on the administration of Şengal on October 9, without consulting the people of Sengal, who defended their areas and massacred them.

Our agency's correspondent met with the co-chair of the Yazidi House in the city of Aleppo about the Baghdad and Hewler agreement on Şengal, he confirmed, “We do not recognize any agreement that disregards taking our opinion.”

Hisham Ahmed, the co-chair of the Yazidi House in Aleppo, said: “Şengal was under the control of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Iraqi government, and in August 2014, after ISIS mercenaries attacked it, the Peshmerga fled and the Iraqi government was bystander.

According to Şengal Autonomous Administration Council, the attack resulted in a massacre of 2,213 Yazidis, the displacement of more than 390,000 people scattered in Başûr Kurdistan and Rojava, and the abduction of 6,417 children and women.

Ahmed held the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Iraqi government responsible for committing the 74th massacre against the Yazidi people.

The forces that protected the Yazidis in Şengal were Guerrilla forces, People's Protection Units-Şengal and Women Protection Units-Şengal, they confronted mercenary attacks and liberated Sengal from ISIS.

Ahmed mentioned that the agreement concluded between Baghdad and Hewler is against the will of the Yazidi people, and they will not accept it, and it is one of the Turkish state’s plans to revive ISIS mercenaries again, because ISIS is not over yet.

Hisham Ahmed affirmed that this agreement and the 2014 attacks against the people of Şengal aim to create discord and destabilize the region, and to target security and safety in it. “We will support the forces that protected our people and liberated our areas in order to live in safety,” he said.

The co-chair of the Yazidi House in Aleppo, Hisham Ahmed, assured the international community, the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Democratic Party that any agreement concluded against the Şengal administration must consider the will of its people, and otherwise we will not recognize any agreement.



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