'We to struggle till achieving demands of hunger strikers'

Kongra Star in Girê Spî issued a statement in which it saluted the resistance of the hunger strikers and asserted their support to the hunger strikers till achieving their demands.

The resistance of hunger strikers demanding the lifting of isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, led by parliamentarian Leyla Guven, continues. In this regard, Kongra Star in Girê Spî issued a statement in which they affirmed their solidarity with the resistance of the strikers.

The statement, read by Haiva Muslim, states that they are in solidarity with the resistance of hunger strikers led by Leyla Guven, Nasser Yagiz and Imam Shish.

"We will be loyal to you and to your sacrifices," the statement said.

The statement praised the resistance of the mothers of detainees in the prisons of the Turkish occupation.

The statement stressed that the sacrifices of the strikers and resistors will not go unheeded. "We will resist until the last step to achieve your demands and we confirm that your goals are our goals and we will strive to achieve them."

The statement ended with slogans saluting the struggle and resistance of the hunger strikers.



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