"We to spread democratic thought in our countries"

The participants in the second conference of the Middle East youths said that they seek to reach high level of solidarity among the youths of the Middle East to stand up to the policies of capitalist states, and gain experience and thought to rely on them in discussing the humanitarian issues, while they stressed that they will work to disseminate democratic thought among the peoples.


During the 20th, 21st and 22nd of this month, the second conference of the Middle East youths was held in Kobanî city in north Syria which was attended by young people from the Middle East and concluded with a final statement after three consecutive days of discussion on some important issues related to the Middle East societies.

Mata Marwi who has come from Germany in order to attend the conference said, "My goal is to stand in solidarity with the oppressed peoples and fight with them against the authoritarianism and racism we all suffer from, and gain experience from the ideology of freedom, and all peoples must play a role in the struggle against fascism."

Marwi pointed out that they took strength and will from the struggle of the Kurdish people, noting that they learned from them how to apply democratic thought and accept the other without distinction.

For his part, the young man Badran Urok from Başûr Kurdistan said that the discussions took place on several topics related to the peoples of the Middle East, including women's issues, occupation and many other important topics.

And he said, "We hope that we will reach a high level of organization and solidarity among the youths of the Middle East and stand in front of the policies and practices of capitalist countries to block the way before them."

Badran added that we, as the youths of the Middle East, our main aim it to work on achieving the freedom of the intellectual Ocalan from the hands of the Turkish state because he is the one who proposed the most appropriate thought to solve the crisis through the democratic nation project.

"We will work to implement the resolutions we have adopted in the conference and apply them among Başûr young people and raise the pace of our struggle against fascism," he said at the end of his speech.



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