We must unite our ranks to eradicate IS

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) has congratulated the Syrian Democratic Forces' victory over Daesh, and said that the stage of eradicating IS' ideology demands to unite the Syrian, Kurdish, Middle Eastern and international ranks.


On Tuesday, the General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) released a statement to the public opinion in which it congratulated the SDF's victory over Deash after the liberation of Daesh last stronghold in al-Baguz village.

The statement said:

"With the testimony of the whole world, SDF; the Kurdish, Arab, Syriac and Assyrian forces and all the components of Rojava Kurdistan in north and east of Syria defeated the terrorism and eradicated Daesh geographically. We celebrated Newroz this year in conjunction with eliminating terrorism on the ground. We live historic moments of victory similar to overthrowing the dictatorship of injustice by Kawa al-Haddad, destroying the castle of terrorism and murder and raising the freedom's banner for all humanity by the people.

Without meaning that terrorism has finished It is further emphasized that the battle to eradicate terrorism and dry its long intellectual and material resources requires the cohesion of the Syrian, Kurdish, Middle Eastern and international rows at the same pace as in the first stage of eliminating Daesh.

At a time when we, in the General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), congratulate the martyrs' families and all the fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces, the war wounded and the peoples of the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria and all the people of Syria and the world, and we especially salute the championships of the Women's Protection Units and affirm that this victory has become a new history for women struggling in the north and east of Syria.

We affirm that we are on the threshold of a new stage with new challenges, the most important of which is the fate of tens of thousands of terrorist organization fighters and their families. This requires an international effort and support and the establishment of an international tribunal to hold the terrorists accountable in the areas of (AA). Ankara's threats to invade our areas and commit massacres and crimes against the civilians have become frequent and increasing, as well as the various types of crimes established in international law in Afrin and Idlib. But we are confident that Erdogan and his mercenaries will be defeated in Afrin and as Deash was defeated in Kobani, al-Raqqa and Deir-ez-Zor.

We affirm that we continue in our social democratic struggle to organize a free society that is united and free in the face of the regions and restrictions that prevent and obstruct the social development and work to eliminate all forms of discrimination and division among the members of society based on the democratic nation's philosophy and co-existence among all peoples, religions, sects and beliefs for us to be a social society free of all forms of intellectual pollution to reach a democratic ecological society.



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