We knew freedom from leader's thought, our struggle ongoing till lifting isolation on him

The martyrs' families in Tirbê Spîyê district have explained that they knew their freedom through the thought and philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and added, "We will take the path of the struggler Leyla Guven till lifting the isolation on the leader."

The Turkish authorities continue their arbitrary and illegal practices against the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan. The Turkish authorities have been preventing the leader's lawyer from meeting with him since 2011 which is a source of anger for the Kurdish people in Kurdistan and the peoples who believe in the ideas and philosophy of the leader Ocalan.

Mahiya Hussein, the wife of martyr Abdul Rahman Jankir said they knew their freedom through the thought and philosophy of Ocalan, they have sacrificed themselves in order to take their freedom, and they are going on the path of freedom which was drawn by the leader Ocalan till the last breath. She added, "The children and grandchildren of the martyrs will continue their march against injustice."

Mahiya pointed out that the Turkish state through the plot planed for with the capitalist states tried to put an end to Ocalan's thought after realizing the seriousness of this thought on their interests. She said, "But the people who knew Ocalan's thought were determined and are determined to follow his path and continue to break the isolation."

We'll follow Leyla Guven's path till lifting the isolation

Mirzevan Abdo, the brother of the martyr Jamshid Ma'shuk indicated that they found in the thought of Ocalan a solution to all the social and moral problems that the region was experiencing. In addition, the project of the peoples' fraternity called by Ocalan decades ago preserved the social and national fabric within the region. He said, "Today the idea of peoples' fraternity is applied in the territories of north and east of Syria."

Mirzevan called on all free peoples to break their silence and condemn the isolation imposed on Ocalan. He said, "We will follow the path of the struggler Leyla Guven until the isolation on leader Abdullah Ocalan is lifted."



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