SDC's in U.S.: we hope Biden administration pay attention to Syria's file

The representative of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) in the United States of America, Sinam Muhammad, indicated to the continuation of their relation with the US administration, and expressed her hope that the new administration would contribute to solving the Syrian crisis and providing support to the Autonomous Administration in the North and East Syria.

In a statement to our agency, Sinem Muhammad evaluated the policy pursued by the US President Joe Biden's administration towards Syria, specifically northern and eastern Syria.

She said, "The new administration started with great vigor and laid the important foundations for its policy regarding the internal situation, especially the Coronavirus, and its return to the World Health Organization and the Climate Agreement, and correcting the mistakes of former President Trump."

Regarding American foreign policy, Muhammad noted, "As for the American policy under Biden, it defined its priorities that focused on the Iran, China and Russia file, America's return to world leadership, and strengthening its allies in the European Union, which worsened under Trump. "

According to Muhammad, Syria has gone out of the spotlight under the American administration, "Unfortunately, Syria was not priority, and this, I believe, is due to the failure of the international community and the previous administration to solve the Syrian crisis, and thus reached a dead end."

In the same context, she indicated that the American administration is working to identify mechanisms and means of solution for solving the Syrian crisis.

The representative of the Council indicated to the continuation of relations with Washington, "as for our representative in Washington, we contacted the new administration to introduce the SDC its project, because a lot of changes had happened in the State Department."

She added, "We hope that President Biden's administration will pay attention to the Syrian file and play a supportive role in finding solutions to the protracted Syrian crisis, and support politically the Autonomous Administration areas in NE Syria."

Muhammad drew attention to the US State Department’s team’s awareness of the NE Syria issue, and said, “The appointed team, whether in the State Department, the White House, or even the Pentagon, are all fully aware of the situation in our regions and in Iraq and Syria and they had worked closely with the SDF and SDC got to know about Their democratic pluralistic project that they seek. "

She noted that their representation in Washington continues to communicate with members of the US Congress from the "Democratic and Republican" parties, and confirmed the support of members of the two parties in the US Congress for the SDF and the SDC. "We are in continuous contact with the administration and the Congress."



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