'We fulfilled our promise to Qereçox's martyrs by defeating Daesh'

The Women's Protection Units (YPJ) commemorated the attacks carried out by the Turkish occupation aircraft on Mount Qereçox in northern Syria, and confirmed that they had avenged the martyrs of Qereçox by defeating Daesh and the struggle still ongoing.

The Women's Protection Unit issued a public statement today, in which it commemorated the attacks by the Turkish occupation army aircraft on 24 April 2017, and said that it was continuing its struggle on the path of the martyrs, "we renew our promise to the martyrs today"

In the statement, the units said, "2017 was an important year in our struggle against mercenaries." After the liberation of the city of Kobanî and Manbij, we entered a new stage against Daesh. At the same time, the Turkish state was seeking to stop our struggle. On April 24, 2017,  the Turkish occupation carried out attacks on Mount Qereçox in northern Syria "This attack was part of the scheme of the Turkish state in Syrian territory, but the Turkish state and its supporters will not reach their goal."

During the attacks, many fighters of the People's and Women's Protection Units were martyred. The fighters who were martyred were involved in battles against the mercenaries,  the fighters were Ararat, Jian, Rustam, Noda, Shilan, Awaz, Zilan, Sozdar, Arjen, Shilan Kobani and 10 other comrades, fighters have participated in protecting the country with great spirit and love and have become part of the human revolution. "

The statement stressed that the Turkish state wanted through this attack "to frighten our people.

We as YPJ, we will continue our struggle, and we must prepare ourselves for that, adding that" we will hold the Turkish state accountable for its occupation of Afrin and the crimes and massacres committed adding that the struggle will not end, there is a great danger, there are plans against our gains, and in order to fail those plans, we will escalate our struggle. "

At the end of the statement, the units said: "Once again, we commemorate all the martyrs and we renew our promise to the martyrs."



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