We affirm to continue struggle on martyrs' path

The commanders of the People and Women Protection Units and the Military Council in al-Hasakah canton emphasized the continuation of the struggle and resistance on the path of martyrs, not to retreat  from the goals for which the martyrs sacrificed, and they said that what they have achieved today is thanks to their sacrifices and the thought and philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

To commemorate the sacrifices of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of protecting the revolution, human values ​​and co-existence within the democratic project under the Autonomous Administration project, the People and Women Protection Units held the third meeting for the martyrs' families of al-Hasakah city in al-Khashman neighborhood in Selko hall.

The meeting was attended by 400 martyrs' families in al-Hasakah city, in addition to members of all civil institutions.

The hall was decorated with pictures of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, strugglers, flags of the People and Women Protection Units, the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Internal Security Forces.

The meeting began with holding a minute of silence, followed by delivering several speeches in the name of the Military Council in al-Hasakah canton by the Commander Aras Orkish, in the name of the General Command of the People's Protection Units by Delil Jaraf, and in the name of the Women Protection Units by the Member of the General Command, Delshah Afrin.

In his speech, the Commander of the Military Council in al-Hasakah canton, Aras Orkish, recalled all the freedom martyrs who struggled for the sake of protecting their land and people, and said: "Thanks to the thought and philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocalan and thanks to our martyred heroes of all coexistent components in the region, we have reached this day, and we have made achievements and victories."

Aras noted that this year is the year of victories and the liberation of all occupied lands, and added: "Our decision is to liberate every inch of our occupied lands, and we cannot waive this decision. We have resisted and defeated ISIS mercenaries, and we are still respelling attacks."

At the end of his speech, the Commander Aras Orkish said: "Our goal is to defend the rights of all the coexisting components in the region and deter aggression. We will protect our revolution and human values ​​with all our strength, and we pledge the martyrs to follow their footsteps to the last breath."

As for the Commander of the People Protection Units, Delil Jaraf, he indicated in his speech that the martyrs sacrificed their blood for the sake of equality and freedom among societies, and for the peoples of the region to live with dignity. He added: "It is our duty to raise the pace of the struggle, as it is the responsibility of all peoples to protect the democratic project."

The leader Delil Jaraf also said: "Uniting our ranks to thwart all enemy plans and plots being hatched against the region is one of our priorities because it always seeks to instigate dissension among coexistent peoples, we must stand by our military forces and provide them with support at all levels to stand in the face of all attacks."

In turn, the Commander of the Women Protection Units, Delshah Afrin, gave a speech during the meeting, in which she said that their meeting today is being held in the spirit and name of the revolution, and continued: "We are a peaceful people, our presence today in this place is thanks to the sacrifices made by our comrades from all components, and our meeting is evidence of the connection with our martyrs and unity among all components."

 At the end of her speech, Delshah affirmed that they will continue to resist on all fronts, and not back down on the goals of the freedom martyrs.

After completing the speeches, Tolihdan Band affiliated with the Khabur Center for Culture and Art in al-Hasakah presented several revolutionary songs, and the meeting concluded with a short film, which included excerpts from the words of the leader Abdullah Ocalan and the martyrs' pictures.



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